Other Decorative Stones

In addition to the “São Tomé” quartzite stone, Romanó Stones works with other decorative stones.

They are:

  • “Ouro Preto” Stone
  • “Miracema” Stone
  • “Lagoa Santa” Stone

“Ouro Preto” Stone

The cheerful tones of the “Ouro Preto” stone are applied to floors and facades.


Width Length Finish
10cm 20cm Cushioned and Flat
15cm 30cm Cushioned and Flat
Ouro Preto Stone
Ouro Preto Stone

“Miracema” Stone

The “Miracema” stone is widely used in lining sidewalks, garages, ramps, steps and gardens walkways.


Width Length Color
11,5cm 23cm All colors
40cm 40cm Grey
“Miracema” Stone

“Lagoa Santa” Stone

The “Lagoa Santa” stone is non-slip and presents low water absorption, which guarantees practicality of cleaning and maintenance.

It is suitable for outdoor use.

The colors are:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Mixed
Lagoa Santa Stone

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