EcoStone Ecological Stone

ECOSTONE is a product crafted with the use of sand from the “São Tomé” quartzite stone (stands out for its resistance) and other natural aggregations. It has athermal and non-slip characteristics.



Floors and pool edge coatings. It can be applied in internal areas (living room, hallways and rooms) and external areas (balconies, corridors and around pools). It presents an extraordinary and luxurious beauty, in addition to easy maintenance.

Because they are crafted, they present small differences in their characteristics, giving the product exclusivity and naturalness.


  • White
  • Grey
  • Straw Yellow


Width Length Depth
50cm 40cm 2,5cm
40cm 40cm 1,5cm

Rectified Cutting Modules

Width Length Depth
47cm 47cm 2,5cm
23,5cm 47cm 2,5cm
23,5cm 23,5cm 2,5cm
37cm 37cm 1,5cm
18,5cm 37cm 1,5cm
18,5cm 18,5cm 1,5cm

Pool Coping

Width Length Depth
22cm 50cm Varied


Module with 3D effect
Width Length
18cm 18cm
18cm 9cm
9cm 9cm


Width Length
6cm 18cm

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